SFPC: Day 30 - Housing Debacle, Eyebeam Internship... Election Night

We had a housing situation debacle today, which seems to have been resolved. Not going to SFPC today. I have my Eyebeam internship in the afternoon, need time to recuperate from, well - everything that’s been happening.

When it rains it pours.

Oh, and the US presidential election is tonight. Eyebeam is hosting a come-one, come-all watching party: “Vote Alone, Cry Together”.

Today, In Pictures

Gentrification in Bed Stuy

Gentrifying Bed Stuy

Gentrifying Bed Stuy

This Is Why You Should Never AirBnB for Longer than Two Weeks

I am living with three international students in an AirBnB in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.

I like them. For the most part we get along.

However, if you’re ever thinking about renting an AirBnB long-term, don’t.

Anyway, I hate to be a tease, but it’s a tale for another time, friends.

Hopefully, this weekend. Or maybe never.

Prospect Park, Revisited

Pano park

Did some reading in Prospect Park today. Such a good place.

Skaters in the park

POV bike

Eyebeam Internship

I love Eyebeam.

Eyebeam Eyebeam Eyebeam.

Biked there. Got Pupusas at my beloved Inez Bakery. Chicharrones y queso. Made from scratch so they take while, but damn they good.

The freshly mopped floor of Inez Bakery

Inez floor

Working on a post about Radical Networks and a video edit about their Playable Fashion program. Got some good interview footage of the Rad Netz founders at the event, so maybe possibly a video soon as well?

The Election

At around 7pm, we had a taco dinner and started to watch the election results come in. Here’s a picture from around 11pm:

Election party

I left at about 12:30a and didn’t get home - from one of the longest, most agonizing train journeys of my life - until 2:30a.

Pano park

When I got home it was confirmed that Trump had clinched the presidency. I decided that I might not go to school that morning.

I need silence and space.

For Breakfast:

A big, cakey donut from a place down the street called Crocus. The service there is terrible - possibly as a reaction to gentrification in Bed Stuy. I’m a white person inhabiting a historically black neighborhood. The staff aren’t rude, but there is a subtext of ‘why are you here?’. Like when the cashier tried to send me on my way today without giving me my 50 cents change. Or the first time I went in there, when it took half an hour for them to make my veggie burger, while I saw at least two or three people glide in and out of the place with food.

If it sounds like I’m complaining, I’m only trying to reflect my thoughts and experience. If I wanted to complain, I’d go on yelp.

I don’t blame them, but I also won’t be going back. I wonder if they would treat me differently if they new that I am renting an AirBnB from black property owners in the area?

I don’t expect to be able to decode

There’s an anti-gentrification movement happening across NYC that I will explore further in these coming months.

See: Decolonize this Place

For Dinner:

Pupusas from Inez Bakery(for a 2nd time that day). To clarify, I ate them twice - they were that good.

Written on November 9, 2016