SFPC: Day 34 - A Swale Saturday

Today I ventured into Dumbo to see Eyebeam Resident Amelia Marzec perform a pirate radio installation on Mary Mattingly’s Swale project, which is a seafaring art installation that grows food.

Pano swale


Slept in. Got up around 930a or 10a. I worked on things around the house and then biked to my Airbnb at 1pm. I checked in and left my stuff.

The room was quite large. It seemed downright decadent to have all this space to myself.

I’d booked the Airbnb because I’ve been sleeping on a couch in a living room for a month. I worked a video gig this week, so didn’t feel guilty about buying myself a room for two days.


I took a bus to the Brooklyn piers at about 2pm and got to the event not long after. It was chilly outside, especially in the shade. Was kind of in a shite mood tbh.

And that all changed when I got to Swale.

First, I’ll show you pictures.



Mary Mattingly, Amelia Marzec, and Robby Mayson



When I arrived, there weren’t too many folks there. Just me, Amelia, her co-performer Rob, Mary Mattingly, and a woman picking edible plant things with her kid.

It’s always good to see Amelia. I got to video interview her and make friends last weekend at Radical Networks(was that last week? time flies). I actually first met her back in early October when I volunteered at the Tech by Artists workshop at Eyebeam.

My initial impression was, “Amelia is cool and nice person”. However, through the course of interviewing her, I learned about her work and teaching and kind of just developed a complete brain-crush on her. I can’t remember exactly what we talked about, except that her work is informed by the ideas of networks, noise, and the act of hearing.

I also got to meet Mary Mattingly, who’s work I’ve been a fan of since this whole returning-to-NYC journey began, almost exactly a year ago. I enjoyed speaking with her and hope to volunteer for the project and possibly lend my photo and documentary filmmaking skills.


Lots of serendipity happening. Let me explain.

Last November, I had Thanksgiving in Albany with my mom’s side of the family. Afterwards, I took the train down and spent five days in NYC.

While there, three important things happened. Three things that I’m still kind of living out:

  • I met a girl and began a year-long relationship(recently ended, still friends)
  • I attended a talk at ICP that Ramsey Nasser gave with two other artists. It’s there that I learned about Processing and began my coding journey.
  • I attended a meeting of School of the Apocalypse. The meeting was about “Radical Seafaring”. Mary Mattingly was there.

So everything has come full circle in the span of a year. Which is good because I was absolutely miserable living in Dallas. It’s weird to be relatively happy again, even if I am more or less continuously hemorrhaging money in this city.

For Lunch:

Pizzaaaa! At this place.

Pizza place

For Dinner:

A burger from Grandchamps, in Bed Stuy. Dee-licious.

Written on November 13, 2016