SFPC: Day 56 - Back to NYC

Had a great porchside breakfast, packed up and said goodbye to our hosts, zoomed down the Taconic and we were back in NYC by late afternoon. Returned the car in Hoboken and traveled back to Brooklyn to get some sleep.



Had a great breakfast, took a short walk, said goodbye to our Airbnb host, Didi… and then we hit the road, headed back to NYC.

Long-ish drive back to NYC from Poughkeepsie. The Taconic State Highway is one curvy beast. Listening to music, eating chocolate crackers, sunlight streaming in.

Driving back into the city. Highways and byways.

Car selfie. Sad for our getaway weekend to be over.

Car selfie

I Love Hoboken(No Jokin'), Part Two

Hoboken is great. It feels like a place where actual people live. After dropping off the car, I walked to the Spa Diner and had a milkshake and did some writing. Then I had some really bad chicken parmigiana with spaghetti. I walked outside and witnessed the end of a bar fight in front of a bar down the street. There was lots of yelling and some pushing and then some more yelling. No one was hurt, I don’t think. It was entertaining and kind of scary. Reminds me of Dallas.

For Breakfast:

Baked eggs with bacon, caramelized onion, mozzarella, and toast. So good. Should’ve photo-documented it.

For Lunch:

Chicken cutlets on a cemetery sidewalk.


For Dinner:

Chicken parm with spaghetti at Spa Diner in Hoboken.

Written on December 5, 2016