SFPC: Day 23 - Taeyoon Cooks, Zach Talks

Taeyoon cooked lunch. Zach gave a talk. My classmate Bryan brought his small dog, Stella, the Space Chicken.

Taeyoon cooking


We have a pine tree outside our Airbnb.

Pine tree

Nagle’s Bagels. $5 Hot Chocolate and you’re prescriptively encouraged to tip(if you want). See “trojan horse business”.

Nagel's Bagles

Annnnnd coming up from the train.

Train steps

I got to school at about 10:15 or 10:30. Katrina was there, with a few other people. Soon after I got there, Bryan arrived with his small dog, Stella(aka space chicken). Stella dog is really funny, much excite. If you pet her once, she assumes a still ‘pet me’ position(seated with her head facing down) and remains like that until the petting has reached completion. I liked her right away.

Taeyoon began to cook at about 11:30. I’d seated myself in a school desk across from the kitchen to collect my thoughts and plan my day.

Here’s my to-do list for the day:

-Eat lunch with Taeyoon and class -Zach’s talk -Write blog -Internship at Eyebeam -homework for Philip Stern’s class(solder some things)

Here is a picture of Stella, aka “Space Chicken” who was trotting around spreading mirth and whatnot.


About 10 minutes later, Taeyoon asked me to go to the store and grab some eggs more rice and some sesame oil. I was happy to oblige. It took me maybe 20 minutes to walk to to the cheaper grocery store, find the required items, buy them, and report back.

Taeyoon had lot of things to cook: mushrooms, spinach, tofu, and vegetables of different types and kinds. Pretty soon I found myself helping locate and wash additional dishes, serving rice so that Taeyoon could plate food, dancing around Dannie and Ruby in the tiny kitchen, who were both performing in similar capacities.


Finished plate

Soon after there were 14 of us seated around our classroom table, chatting and eating and asking for more red pepper paste(it was good! just spicy enough). Ruby was kind enough to share some of her green curry chicken with me as well.

It was a great meal and I hope we get to cook and eat together again soon.

Finished plate

Zach's Talk

Zach talk pano

Zach’s talk started soon thereafter. He went through some of his older projects, and allowed us to live vicariously through his recent travels to Prague, London, and Japan.


Projections. On the river. The water. Hard for me to describe better than that right now.

I’m not doing this part justice so please scroll down and listen to the audio recording of Zach’s talk.


I really dug the project he did in London with Margaret Atwood. For the project, Zack created some incredible interactive Open Frameworks sketches in dialogue with Margaret Atwood’s literary reimagining of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Such a great marriage of interactivity, performance, and text. I especially enjoyed the Instagram video of Atwood interacting with Zach’s work herself.


A really interesting project using retroreflective spray paint and thresholding functions to unique effect.

Above you

I was really impressed with how thoroughly Zach documents his work. He had so many photos! Lots of cool stuff to show us. He hadn’t even had time to edit them yet.

And them I had to leave at 2:30 to get to my internship at Eyebeam.

A view while leaving Westbeth

Westbeth at 2:30

Eyebeam Internship

I was surprised at how fast the D train from West 4th got me there.

Take it to the bridge

At a corner store, I ordered what was to be a delicious chicken cutlet sandwich.

While there, David, my boss, and the Director of Communications, gave me my intern orientation. I edited a transcript of two of the founders of Radical Networks giving a talk(for which I am volunteering this Saturday) and basically learned the ropes. I was only there for 2.5 hours, but it’d been a long day already, and I still needed to go back to SFPC to do some soldering for some homework.

Back to SFPC


Took the D train north again. Walked to SFPC feeling beat, lugging my camera bag and backpack both.

Got there after what seemed like a forever walk, the grime of Halloween still in the air in lower Manhattan.

Made some ramen with an egg in a microwave. Slowly, but slowly, got my electronics homework together for soldering.

Bryan’s dog, Stella, provided what moral support that she could.


By about 1030, I’d only done about 2/3rds of it, but I was done, exhausted, dead. Agustin, Baku, and I shut the place down in the usual way: took out the trash, washed the leftover dishes, turned out the lights, and locked up.

Going Home

We got dollar pizza and then ran into a friend on the train, Laura, who works at Eyebeam! I’d seen her at the office earlier that day. Somehow, Agustin ended up sitting right next to her. Literally. She appeared like magic from his far shoulder.

We had a nice chat and she got off the train. Soon after, we got off the train. Walked home from our stop without incident.

I changed into bedclothes and fell asleep on my bed, the couch, instantly.

For Lunch:

Taeyoon is cooked vegetarian bibimbap and it was delicious. Ruby shared her green curry chicken with the class as well.

For Dinner:

Chicken cutlet sandwich in Sunset Park. Eyebeam internship today. Later, dollar pizza from 2 Bros Pizza by the West 4th St. stop.

Audio from Zach’s talk today.

Written on November 1, 2016