SFPC: Day 37 - Busy Busy

Rainy today. Trains all futzed up. We had a make-up for Ingrid’s class, as she was out last week.

Pano Ingrid's class

Walking to the Train in the Rain

Woke up, took a cold shower, did yoga.

Roommate/classmate Dannie and I left the house around 11:30a. It was pretty rainy but not too, too cold. Was somewhat worried about my laptop getting wet but I had to get some school.

Here’s some pictures from our walk to our local station in Bed Stuy.

Starting out, from our stairs

Dannie and leaf

Big puddles

Big puddle

Big puddle

Dannie and leaf

Dannie and leaf

It took us at least two hours to get to SFPC today due to train stoppages and a rerouting to Penn Station. Meh, what can you do? At least I didn’t have anywhere to be. We got to school with a couple hours to spare before Ingrid’s class. I caught up on the blog.

Ingrid's Class

In Ingrid’s class today we talked about data centers: what are they? how do they work?

Handout from class


After a lecture, Ingrid gave us 45 minutes to create a game about data centers.

Agustin, Hiroshi, and I were on a team. We created a game retroactively titled RELAY!

Here are some photos and gifs from class today:

Data center board game

Data center board game

Data center board game

Relay, the game

Another board game about networking

After that, the class took a break. I made myself some more green tea. When we came back, Ingrid played a strange and hilarious film called, “”

I’d describe it as a Wes Anderson film meets a 1970’s instructional film about programming. To be more specific, the film is about the introduction of the terminal and the concept of “time-sharing”, which basically made personal computing possible.

It’s also a very strange, funny, and dark film. I’m not going to implore you to watch it, but it’d be time well spent.

Eyebeam Blog Post

Also, Eyebeam posted the blog post I wrote for them about Radical Networks hooray! It’s mostly just an interview I conducted and transcribed, but I also took the featured image for the post.

This Week

Got a busy week. SFPC schedule is packed, plus lots of stuff going on in NYC, as always. Tonight is the night I absolutely have to finish some client work so I can focus on other stuff the rest of the week.

Time is running.

For Lunch:

Lentils and rice.

For Dinner:


Written on November 16, 2016