SFPC: Day 17 - Computational Empowerment Diary

Physical computing with Phillip Stearns today. Robby taught an origami workshop this afternoon - check out his instagram here - well worth your time). We also have a shaders workshop with Patricio Gonzalez Vivo tonight from 6p-9p.

Today was a very busy, very good day.

For Ingrid’s class, we are creating “computation diaries”. My concept is to create a “computational empowerment diary”. I will be documenting every time I learn something that’s cool/empowering with computers.

Last Night

Ingrid tweeted the blog post I wrote about her walking tour of NYC telecommunications history.

I am honored and so glad - the post took me three hours to write and to edit the audio of the tour!

Phillip Stearns' Physical Computing Class

magnifying glass

Was fun! We continued to learn about the basics of electronics and electronics components.

And then we made paper circuits!!

class working gif

Our happy power strip man, resting after providing power all class.

our happy power strip man

Robby's Origami Workshop

Began this afternoon at 3pm. I needed time to work on other things so I did not attend.

However, you should check out his Instagram. His work is really good!



Deep Learning Lunch

We made lunch together - a rice stir-fry. It was good and spicy.

Credit: Hiroshi(classmate).


And then Jason, classmate, applied a deep learning style to it:

cooking with deep learning

Shaders with Patricio

At the beginning of the workshop.

pano of shaders workshop

I haven’t really coded at all in C, so this workshop was challenging, but a lot of fun.

My takeaway: the secret to life is normalizing from 0 to 1. And sine waves.

class working gif

Our homework was to create our own skies, our own sunsets, using code.

That’s all I can say right now - it’s been a long day(but a good day). Usually we just have one class in the morning but today we had two three-hour classes, plus the workshop for those that chose to attend.

For Lunch: Rice stir fry, as described above.

For Dinner: Ramen and a soft-boiled egg. Not bad.

Phillip Stearns’ class audio for the day.

Written on October 26, 2016