SFPC: Day 41 - DIA Beacon

We went to DIA Beacon. What fun!

Louise B

The Day Before

The front of Grand Central. For some reason, I did not take pictures when I was inside.

Grand Central

Train. Northbound. Hudson. Sunset.

Train Hudson

View from the Airbnb.

View from our house

Front of DIA:Beacon.

Grand Central

Post-breakfast picnic on DIA: Beacon lawn. Crepes.

Crepe picnic

Sol Lewitt.

Sol Lewitt Line

iPhone Slit-Scan Fun.

iphone slit scan

Dan Flavin piece. We got yelled at here by museum staff for getting too close lol.

Flavin yell

Artist unknown and forgotten to the sands of time.

Grand Central

Dan Flavin piece.

Grand Central

Just Louise, and her massive metal spider, so entwined.


Cloud couch aka heaven. By Thor’s hammer, I will build one of these someday.

Cloud couch

Grand Central

A massive Dan Flavin piece.

Dan Flavin

Dan Flavin

A house with a tree growing through it.

Tree house


Breakfast: Chocolate chip and banana crepes(and green tea).

For Lunch: Ham sandwich picnic lunch on the DIA Beacon lawn.

For Dinner: Diner burger leftovers. Extra cheese on the fries.

Written on November 19, 2016