SFPC: Day 09 - Off-Day: Blogs, Homework, Other Things

Sweet, merciful off-day. How sweet the sound. Still working, but no class. Time to catch up on blog posts, assignments, and prepare for “Meet the Students!” tomorrow.

Maybe even dig into a little bit of coding.

An image

Look at the little doggy on the back of the bike!

An image

Generating a lot of content here for the ol’ bloggy blog. Time to ever-so-incrementally improve my Jekyll/web dev skills. I think I will format by week.

The “meet the students” presentation is tomorrow. I’m just going to tell the story of how I got to SFPC. I’m also going to allow people to livetweet while I talk because I’ve never done that before and I think it will be fun.

Recovering from an epic, ass-kicking New York day yesterday. Riding my back home later - across the bridge, through downtown Brooklyn, Clinton Hill, and Bed Stuy. And then I will sleep, sleep, sleep.

But not before relocating once more to the upstairs apartment at our Airbnb. Hopefully, this will be the last time I have to move for the next couple of months.


For Lunch: $3.50 bacon turkey wrap from D’Agostino’s affordably-priced grocery on Bethune. And a corn muffin.

For Dinner: Maybe pasta. Or pasta and egg. Or pasta and bacon. Or replace the word “pasta” with “ramen”. Maybe will buy groceries on the way home.

Written on October 19, 2016