SFPC: Day 07 - Sunday, Walking Ditmas Park/Flatbush, Project Ideas, Moving to Bed Stuy

It’s our seventh day at SFPC. Actually, it’s a Sunday, and I’m not even at SFPC, but my thinking is that even though I’m not physically at the school, the school is still very much on my mind - therefore, I am still “in” school.

Pano image of 8th street

I need to figure out something for our “Meet the Students” event this Wednesday, and I need to start working on a project or three. I’ll discuss some of them in this post.

Areas/topics/themes I’m considering for projects:

  • DIY Biofeedback, OpenEEG, Arduino and biometric data, using DIY tech to manage health and more specifically, one’s own mood and emotions. I’m fascinated by heartbeat and temperature sensors and how those could be employed with network technology to encourage calmer, kinder, gentler, more sensitive communication. Or possibly a new kind of online dating.
  • The history of NYC, and the evolution of NYPD’s surveillance networks. How do those two relate to each other?
  • Writing scripts for video and photo editing workflows
  • Using the grep command in the Terminal, as well as Python, to manipulate text
  • Ways I can contribute to the school, whether it’s in terms of content for the website, cooking for people, creating resources for teachers and students

That’s not everything but that’s what I’ve been thinking about today.

Today, I had a late breakfast at George’s, an old diner in Ditmas Park that’s been around since the 1980’s I believe. The buttermilk pancakes were perfect. The price was good too - $10.65 for three pancakes, three sausage links, and a cup of pretty decent coffee. Not bad!

Picture of finished pancakes

Afterwards, I walked around the Cortelyou area of Ditmas Park. I bought some things at a dollar store - shampoo, a waiter’s pad(good for notes), some price stickers(I don’t know, I justed wanted them - they were a dollar). There are some handsome restaurants and cafes there, I must say.

Image of Lea's

I continued walking, walking, walking down into Flatbush. It was Sunday, which means going to church in many communities. Parts of Flatbush are home to many Caribbean immigrant communities. At one point, I was walking and I heard some powerful music from behind this unassuming exterior.

Image of church with powerful music

I’ve never heard anything like it. I’d like to figure out what exactly that music is and then listen to hours and hours and hours of it. Holy, lively music - so much more so than the lurching, ham-fisted organ hymns of my liberal, white, Methodist youth.

Pardon the sentiment but I think what happened was that, I went wandering in Flatbush, and I found something that I did not know that I was looking for. New York is full of myriad wonders. I almost forgot.

It’s 3:30p as I write this. I should be hopping in a taxi and lugging my baggage to the new place I’ll be sharing with three of my SFPC classmates. It’s a nice day in Ditmas and makes me miss it before I’ve even left.

Slow mo gif of a bee in Ditmas

I’m sleeping here in Ditmas tonight but moving my stuff over there today, so that I can have a room to myself for one more night.

So long Ditmas. It was good to know ya. You’re really, really far away from the city but you’re kinda charming, I gotta say. I’ll be back at some point, if only to sample your myriad hip-looking restaurants on Cortelyou.

I may go up to SFPC today, or I may not. The new roommates and I need to get settled in our new place. Apparently, there are not enough beds, which means that one or two of us will have to sleep on the couch until that’s figured out. I kind of regret moving into a two-bedroom with four other people - we’re not really saving any money and could have all gotten our own room in separate places for what we are paying - but I think it will be good, a positive experience.

Honest. I do think it will be cool to live together, to cook and eat together, to share a living space. I’m all about communality and, from getting to know my housemates over the past week, I think we will all be respectful and have a good time for the next two months.

As long as there’s peace and quiet at night, I think we’ll be good. But honestly, I’m still a bit anxious. We shall see.

I also hope the train is close. Where I am now, in Ditmas, the train is like 10-12 blocks away. Too far! Especially in the cold.

Lunch: It was actually breakfast. As stated above, pancakes, sausage, and coffee at George’s diner in Ditmas Park.

Dinner: Dannie, Agustin, and I went to Rowe’s, a Jamaican jerk chicken place in Bed Stuy. It was good.

Dannie and Agustin jerk chicken

Written on October 16, 2016