SFPC: Day 10 - Physical Computing with Phillip David Stearns

We had our first physical computing class with Phillip David Stearns today.

Hands on breadboards

To begin the class, Phillip showed us some of his work.

I really dig Glitch Textiles.

The rest of the class was all about electricity and electronics. A lot of the class was spent explaining how different electronic components function, especially transistors. For the last portion of class, we built a touch-sensitive LED “indicator circuit” on our breadboard.

It was a lot to take in, but I really enjoy physical computing, so it was good medicine.

Breadboard on a white board.

After class, a quick lunch, and then I went to the pier for an hour and just kind of sat and closed my eyes. It’s a warm day so gotta get that sun while it shines.

Sunbathers at the park at the pier

I’m writing this as we are preparing for our 5-minute presentations tonight. I did not create any slides. I hope I do not get in trouble. Anyway, it’s too late to create them now.

The reason I did not create any slides is that I’m just going to tell the story of my life in terms of creative technology. And I’m going to let people live tweet as they are moved to.

There is also a presidential debate tonight. I think there may be a watch party of SFPC people but I don’t think I’ll watch. I don’t see the point in getting worked up about it. The election is two and a half weeks away and que sera sera, whatever will be, will be.

I also registered for NYU ITP’s open house next Friday, November 4th. I attended ITP Camp and it was a transformative experience. The actual ITP program costs about $33,000 a semester, so I highly doubt I’ll even apply(heck, I don’t even have the requisite bachelor’s degree!), but it’s a great program that produces a lot of interesting projects, artists, and designers.

Maybe one day.

For Lunch: Rotisserie chicken from D’Agostino’s Ever-So-Reasonably-Priced Grocery. The rice cooker I ordered from Amazon came in, but apparently it takes like an hour to cook brown rice, so I just opened up a can of black beans instead.

For Dinner: I dunno. Maybe pasta or sleep.

Written on October 20, 2016