SFPC: Day 40 - Don't Work

Missed Ramsey’s fourth class with us today because of client work. Note to any future SFPC students: do not work while you are attending. You will regert.



Morning walk

Journey to school, to day.

I am a man
Moto guzzi Pupper store white statues Workspace

And… a gif of the puppers:

Puppers gif


Getting out of the city and going hiking with a friend this weekend. Should be fun. Will make pictchas.

Alternative Art School Fair: This Weekend

Volunteering for the Alternative Art School Fair at Pioneer Works this Sunday. Manning the SFPC table for a couple of hours. Should be fun.

Will be scouting what the my next alternative education experience might be. Good times.

Alt art school fair


Breakfast: Poached egg on toast, with dill. Joy luck green tea.

For Lunch: Some delicious curries and rice: a pumpkin chickpea and a green chicken.

For Dinner: ?

Written on November 19, 2016