SFPC: Day 66 - Eyebeam and Taeyoon's Studio

Eyebeam internship in the morning. Class is taking a field trip here around mid-day. After that, we’re heading to Taeyoon’s studio for a workshop on how to apply for artist residencies.


Red Hook bus in the mornin’

Red Hook Bus

On the subway

Devil redhead

Window selfie

Window selfie

I got to Eyebeam a little bit after 10am to work on some videos. The class was due to arrive at 12:30p. It was all of the other interns last day at Eyebeam. Sad. I feel like I was just barely getting to know them all - Mischa, Michael, Taehee, Paula.

SFPC peeps started arriving at noon. At around 12:15p a few of us bopped downstairs to grab a quick lunch. When we came back up, the class went on a tour of Eyebeam and I stayed working in the computer lab.

Artist Residency Workshop


After the tour, Taeyoon gave a fantastic workshop entitled, “How to Apply for Artist Residencies”.

My Notes from the Workshop


These may not make sense, but I’m including them anyway. In retrospect, I wish I’d recorded Taeyoon’s talk but his github repo “Tools for Artists” is a more than adequate document of this workshop.

* SFPC as a “training wheels residency”(my words)
- SFPC puts less pressure on production. most residencies focus on producing as much work as possible.

* how do you “make a living” vs “making good work”
    - make a living first. mostly so you can stay healthy and happy and productive.
        - diversify your sources of income.
            - For instance, Taeyoon does curatorial advisement for corporations.
        - it’s very smart to work for other artists.
    - you’re never going to have enough time or money.
        - think of it as a CREATIVE CONSTRAINT
            - there are websites that talk about HOW ARTISTS MAKE A LIVING - RESEARCH
    - to apply for residencies, you need (3) solo projects to apply.

* Residency/Fellowship/Commission
    * it’s okay to do residencies that you pay for - sometimes they’re worth it

* Residencies to apply for:
    * HarvestWorks
    * Autodesk Pier 9
    * Museum of Art and Design - Educational residency
    * Skowhegan - “post-graduate school”
        * very transitional residency - apply here
    * Academia Schloss Solitude is another really good one
    * Rijksacademie valbeeldende
    * DAAD

* Taeyoon’s metric: “I apply to 2-3 residencies a month and get accepted to 2-3 per year.”

* Find residencies at resartist, and residency unlimited
    * look at the application very closely
    * check out alumni of any residency you like
        * do research on artists you respect and apply to the residencies they applied to
        * Cory Arcangel
    * REAL PEOPLE read your application. take your time to fill it out.*


We each created an artist bio, artist statement, and project description for our work. Here's my artist bio:

Alex Wagner is a multi-disciplinary artist and writer focusing on documentation of educational experiences, and the archiving of those experiences. Mediums include blogging, field recording techniques, documentary filmmaking, and print media. ```

Afterwards, the class went for a tour of Taeyoon’s studio at Dark Matter, in downtown Brooklyn. I stayed behind and did Eyebeam work and hung out with Michael and Paula, departing Eyebeam interns and siblings-in-arms.

Eyebeam picnic table

I saw this on the subway ride home



Later, I went to a really bad Bill Murray-themed art show on the LES.

BM art show

For Breakfast:

Cheese danish from Ines. Changed my life. Bless all of the wonderful women of Ines Bakery. May they live long and fruitful lives.

For Lunch:

Ramen! From the food court downstairs at Industry City. It was pretty good, even though it made us kind of late(5 minutes) to get back.

For Dinner:


Written on December 10, 2016