SFPC: Day 33 - Friday, Catching Up

Had Ramsey’s class today. Was pretty tired from the little impromptu Leonard Cohen memorial party we had last night at the space. Afterwards, hammock-napped and then caught up on blogs.



Had a tough time following in class today. Did not get enough sleep, plus the subject material was kind of complex.

I took a nap in our hammock. There was a draft coming under the double-doors that face the street and my butt was cold. I slept for an hour or two and then did some freelance work and worked on ye old bloggy blog.

Went home early, went to bed early.

Westbeth flea market this weekend. May try to go.

Westbeth flea

For Lunch:

Instant ramens. My last packet. I must find more.

For Dinner:

Don’t remember. Maybe Chinese food?

Written on November 12, 2016