SFPC: Day 67 - Group Critique: The Showcase

Today we had a group critique of our showcase projects. Afterwards, we repaired the aftermath of our installations with spackling tools.


Mostly pictures today. This is a catching-up post. I’ll tell the story with images.


Benys Deli

Wet paint

Wet Paint

Freezing cold today, around 20 degrees fahrenheit.



Project Feedback

Class getting ready for feedback. Projector Problems: The Struggle Continues


Images courtesy of Filip Wolak



I went second, after Adnan. We were allowed three minutes to talk about our project and our experience at the showcase. After that, we received feedback. Here’s some of the suggestions I received. Forgive, the formatting - I copy/pasted from my notes.

sfpc blog project notes - PRINT ME - the path after school

- [ ] make html book
- [ ] make physical book - give one to sfpc
- [ ] make large folding print
- [ ] punch up site - add functionality

materiality of text - objects
adding physical objects/found objects

physically “exploding/expanding” a book into a timeline OR A MAP :D

algorithmic typesetting
algorithmic composition
- postscript

making a big folding map, large print
- creating a large physical object that can be folded

basil.js - generates adobe indesign - http://basiljs.ch/about/
- workshop
- “parametric bookmaking process”

a room full of sketches/WIPs
- “having your own sketches spaced out”

python scripts for typesetting

separate mediums

online book format examples - eloquent javascript, book of shaders

the physical part of the book can be minimal - html book

The feedback I received was almost all positive. I was told that my project played to my strengths - writing, photography, and documentation - and I believe that to be true.

Picture Day

We were going to grab a group picture at Eyebeam on Wednesday but not everyone was there, so we made one today. I designated myself as class photog. Pretty happy with the results.

Class pic

Class pic

Class pic

Class pic

Class pic

Red Hook Sunset

Red Hook Sunset

Aaaaand back to IKEA


For Breakfast:

Green Tea.

For Lunch:


For Dinner:

Meatballs at IKEA.

Written on December 16, 2016