SFPC: Day 45 - Travel Day

Headed to Albany to see family for Thanksgiving.


Uber Pooled from Bed Stuy to Penn Station.

From Uber Pool crossing the bridge


It wasn’t too bad. Sometimes Uber Pool can take forever. The train is usually faster.


I type this section sitting and waiting for the 8:15 Amtrak train to Albany. Was lucky to get a ticket, although I am bummed to be missing Caitlin Morris’ arduino class today. When I bought last Sunday, there was only one ticket left at this time - the rest of the day was booked.

Tired. Ready to have a room again. I’ve really enjoyed bonding with my housemates, but that place is just too damn small. And I feel like I’m always cleaning up after people. I, at the least, need my own room.

I feel like I haven’t slept properly in a while. At least I’ll have a room in Albany for a couple of nights.


Made it to Albany. Calm, quiet, college town. I dropped my stuff at the airbnb and set out to read, write, eat, and get a haircut.


Mid-day meal at Uncommon Grounds. Journaling time.


Soon after, my sister, her boyfriend, and mom and dad arrived at the airbnb. The rental was spacious, beds were good. They even had a guitar lying around. Not bad, not bad.

Family Dinner at Pio Pio

We convened at my grandmother’s house in Loudonville, a suburb of Albany, and soon after went to Pio Pio, a hole in the wall Peruvian place near downtown Albany. It was a great big dinner. I ordered Guatita, which is beef tripe in a yellow sauce. I left very full and with a styrofoam container of about 15 pounds of food.


Sausage, egg, and cheese from deli at Penn Station.

For Lunch:

I brought my lunch. Sweet potato salad with feta and some pastries from a jerk chicken place.

Later I had a meatball sub.

For Dinner:

Guatita(beef tripe) at a Peruvian restaurant called Pio Pio, in an urban part of Albany.

Written on November 24, 2016