SFPC: Day 29 - Ingrid Out Sick, V V Tired

We were going to have our third installment of Ingrid’s Architectural History of Computation class but she was out sick today. Not glad she’s sick, but glad to be able to catch up on some things. Lots of footage and pictures to edit after this weekend.

Today, In Pictures

Photo Dogs on 6th Avenue


NYC Trash Lines Study #2


A decommissioned army jeep outside the Westbeth


Today, In Text

I spent the day catching up on blog stuff, editing photos, and doing freelance work.

I hit a wall today, in terms of energy levels. Gonna dial it back some, and try to take more time to do things I enjoy.

We have a mid-point review this week with Taeyoon on Wednesday, and a group critique on Thursday.

Lots of things are being scheduled last minute and I don’t really have time for any of them. Some things are just going to have to go by the wayside. Like last-minute-scheduled workshops and homework.

I just want to make stuff and I don’t understand why we don’t seem to have any time to do that at the school. All of that time is being scheduled away, or so I feel.

Maybe I will bring this up during the mid-point review.

For Breakfast:

Pancakes, eggs, and sausage at the Bus Stop Cafe. Treated myself to breakfast after volunteering Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


For Dinner:

I made eggs, french fries, and refried beans. Texas-style.

Written on November 8, 2016