SFPC: Day 57 - Ingrid's Class, Eyebeam Internship

Today, we presented our “computational diaries” in Ingrid’s class. Then, to Eyebeam to intern. Then, to do laundry and work on this blog.



Motorcycle Dreams

moto blue

MTA workers painting to ceiling of the 14th st. station.


“Hey man, why do you have to take pictures of us?! Why?! What’s your problem? Why are you doing this?!” “I’m sorry, man! … I’m weird!!”

A fellow worker man with a big smile starts to laugh out loud.

“Hahaha that’s the best! ‘I’m weird!’ Bahahaha!!’” “Yeah, I’m a photographer and I just like the colors and I - “, the smiling man still laughing, “Have a nice day guys!!”

Satisfied with the interaction, I waved and walked up the stairs to 14th st.

Ingrid's Class

We all had to present for our “computational diaries”. I did not prepare for class. I felt bad. Ingrid was nice to not make me feel worse about it. I discussed my blog.

Some thoughts on the blog(so far):

  • Documentation Fatigue is real: I’m definitely struggling to keep up the energy with which I started the blog. At this point, I’m 7 or 8 days behind on updating my blog. Luckily, my mother is the only one who reads it. Still, I do not want to disappoint my only reader.
  • The relationship between picture and text: through this project, I’ve really been able to explore how words add dimensionality to an image and vice versa.
  • Making a book as a personal document: I like the idea of creating a book as a document of a period of time spent doing a thing. I look forward to making notes and referring to the book, seeing it on a shelf, thumbing through it, seeing it on my coffee table, packing it in a moving box and moving it from place to place.

Eyebeam Internship

Eyebeam internship from 2p-6p. I’m looking forward to being done with school because I will be able ot spend more time at Eyebeam.

It just feels really good to be there. Everyone is nice, intelligent, and cool. I learn a lot when I’m there and I feel like the work I do is appreciated. I look forward to contributing more in the next couple of months.

Once there, had a meeting about video strategy, turned out a couple of rough cuts, put in an order over the phone to Ines Bakery and left at about 6p.

Came home and ate, did laundry, and then rewarded myself with a couple of drinks at the incomparable Lover’s Rock reggae bar on Tompkins.

My friend Emily told me about the place a while back, before I came to NYC. Coincidentally, she’ll be in town and I’ll be meeting her there Friday :D Should be a good time.

For Breakfast:

A hand-rolled cigarette and some of Dannie’s green tea.

For Lunch:

A chicken cutlet sandwich with avocado and pecorino on dense multi-grain bread.

For Dinner:

Ines chicken tacos.

Written on December 6, 2016