SFPC: Day 64 - Monday, No School

We have Monday off. No school today. Which is good because I’m beyond exhausted from this weekend.


To illustrate how tired I am today - I didn’t even take any pictures, which is rare.

Today, list-style:

  • Got up, had a shower, made food. Dannie tried to mooch but for once I was successful in rebuffing her ardent attempts to eat some of whatever I’m making.
  • Our sink is leaking. Stephen, our landlord, came home from work in Manhattan to check it out and said he didn’t see a leak. He was mad but also everything in the apartment except the shower has stopped functioning at some point. I abhor this place and look forward to writing a 2000-word Airbnb review imploring people not to live there. Also, our toilet was broken(again) earlier in the week. Also, here’s video of the sink leaking.
  • Then I did laundry. While there, did some writing.
  • It’s my friend Caity’s birthday today. Gonna take her our for dinner this week.
  • Moving my stuff to the new place tomorrow. Mattia, my new roommate, and I are renting a UHaul in Red Hook. Still have to sleep two more nights in the Bed Stuy Airbnb from hell. Any day now/Any day now/I shall be released. Dear god, I can’t wait to:
    1. Have my own room. A bed that’s not a couch.
    2. Live in a place where the toilet, the sink, the oven doesn’t regularly break. And our landlord is so passive-aggressive and just plain old aggressive. Definitely the worst Airbnb I’ve stayed in for longer than a night. They really should reimburse us for all of the time things have been broken. Yep, I’m writing a long angry letter to Airbnb. And then maybe posting it on Medium and my blog.
    3. Move on from SFPC. I don’t wanna think about it any more. I need space from it, from the people I’ve seen almost every single day for the past 10 weeks.
    4. Have peace and quiet. I’ve been sharing space for at least 10 weeks and it’s been driving me nuts. I can’t wait to be left alone and be in a room where no one can bother me.

For Breakfast:

Turkey patty, toast, eggs with diced onion, avo. Topped with a little bit of sriracha. Wasn’t bad. Also fried some rice for later.

For Lunch:

Turkey patty fried rice with avo and sriracha.

For Dinner:

Empanadas and ginger beer at the one and only Lover’s Rock. BO BO BO

Written on December 13, 2016