SFPC: Day 65 - Moving Day

Tuesday. Moving day. Mattia and I rented a Uhaul and went to IKEA, Jersey City, and all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. I now have a bed with sheets in an apartment with central air and a washer and dryer. Life’s good, y’all. Lots of pictures from today.


  • Woke up at Caity’s in Clinton Hill.

Waiting for the train.

Train poster

  • Walked to 832 Hicks St. in Red Hook. New place.

New place

  • Checked out cool, weird resale shops with Mattia.

Resale shop

King Cat

King cat

  • Rented UHaul with Mattia.

Uhaul Cat

Uhaul cat

  • Went to IKEA. Bought sheets and hangers and pillows.


  • Bought groceries at massive, wondrous grocery store Fairway Market, in Red Hook.


Behind the Fairway patio

Fairway view

Fairway view

Fairway Patio

Fairway view

  • Then through the Carey tunnel that goes from Red Hook to Lower Manhattan. Cost a cool $16 for our van to get through.
  • At SFPC.

Van at SFPC

Dying roses in the donation jar

Van at SFPC

  • Took down my piece. Assisted classmate Dan Gorelick with shooting video of his project. Moved stuff out of SFPC.

  • Went to Chelsea and Mattia went up to an apartment and came back with armfuls of keyboards and silverware.
  • Then to Jersey City where we picked up a queen size mattress.
  • Then to my apartment to grab my stuff. They’d recently fixed the broken sink but now the water was green. So glad to be out of there.

Green water

  • Then to Prospect Lefferts area in BK to pick up a dining table(actually a picnic table but it’s quite nice and we are artists, so we’re allowed to bend the rules).
  • And finally, home. I was exhausted. Mattia may keep the van through tomorrow and go pick up a couch and anything else. I ate some cheese and tomatoes on bread and went to bed. I gave my mom a call and sent her all the photos from the day.


For Breakfast:

Cinnamon bun from IKEA. Coffee too.

For Lunch:

Two IKEA hot dogs and a bottle of water.

For Dinner:

A prosciutto and mozza sandwich.

Written on December 14, 2016