SFPC: Day 25 - Field Trip with Zach to NY Hall of Science

Today, Zach took us to the New York Hall of Science in Queens to see his interactive piece, “Reflection Study”. I love field trips.

Morning Walk

On my walk to the train.

Math Star

Math Star

When I got to the 14th street stop in Manhattan, there were four cops in full paramilitary gear with assault rifles around this corner. I thought better of photographing them.

They seemed out of place, an overblown response to a war that isn’t going to happen for a while or has long since past. Maybe they were there in response to the subway protestors of earlier this week at the Nostrand A/C station in Brooklyn? I don’t know.

I walked by and their bad mood was palpable. I’m sure it is kind of a bummer being an attack dog of the state.

Cops around the corner


I got to SFPC at about 10a and ran into my friend Carol, who was exercising her wooly dog, Riley, in the Westbeth courtyard. We’d made plans to have breakfast at The Bus Stop Cafe at 10:30a that day. We agreed to meet in the Westbeth lobby at 10:30a.

Carol, Riley, and I walked to Bus Stop as planned. I had a bacon omelette with home fries, toast, coffee, and orange juice. We talked about a lot of things. I’m going to get to meet her team next Friday - the people who help her put on Westfest, a dance festival that takes place on multiple floors of the Westbeth building.

After breakfast, I said goodbye to Carol in the Westbeth lobby. Soon after, me, Baku, Zach, and Zach’s friend/collaborator/former student at Parsons, Matt Felsen, set out for the New York Hall of Science, which is a kids’ science museum.

We took the 7 train from 42nd street. It’s a really nice train ride once you get into Queens, all aboveground.

New York Hall of Science Museum

I’m just going to post the copious picture and video I captured in the brief time my phone still had battery.

Front of museum.

Front of NYSCI

Entering museum.

Front of NYSCI

Here's Zach explaining to the class how his piece "Reflection Study" works.

Part One

Part Two

A gif of that.

Debug screen

And then we explored the “Connected Worlds” installation next door.

There was a really incredible “interactive book” that went along with the exhibit.

Self Portrait

Self portrait

Then back to SFPC on the 7 train.

Here’s a hurried photo of the sunset on my way back from the grocery store.

Sunset Hudson

We made dinner together, me, Dannie, and Jason(he lost his voice today and was speaking through the text-to-speech app on his phone, often to comedic effect). Now I’m typing up the blog for the day.

Oh, and Robby organized the hecking heck out of all of the tools and supplies. Good going, kind of jealous you got to organize all of that stuff, Robby, lol

Organized supplies


We have a project review coming up on November 10th. I may just present my blog.

I’m also finding it incredibly tough to pursue any projects.

I guess I’ve just got too much going on - trying to find a more permanent place to live, interning at Eyebeam, volunteering this weekend at Radical Networks and the Internet Yami Ichi. And doing freelance video editing in between all of that. Am I running myself ragged? No wonder I have no time to learn how to code.

I can’t seem to slow down. I guess that’s okay? I’m enjoying myself immensely here. This has been a challenging but incredibly worthwhile experience so far.

I just see the programmers doing all the fun stuff and, seemingly, being paid well for it. I want to do that. I want to have a standard of living. I want healthcare and my own apartment and maybe even a dog and a girlfriend.

For Breakfast:

My friend Carol, who lives at Westbeth, took me to The Bus Stop Cafe as a thank you for helping her with her website. Bacon omelette, homefries, toast, OJ, coffee, yum.

For Dinner:

Dannie sauteed kale and squash and I bought a BBQ rotisserie chicken at D’Agostino. Baku was kind enough to share his miso soup. Also, a brownie.

Written on November 3, 2016