SFPC: Day 11 - Off-Day: Time to Pick a Project

Off-Days. Thankful for these off-days. Very necessary. Attending the School for Poetic Computation is an anaerobic sport.

Last Night's "Meet the Students" Presentations

Taeyoon opening the ceremonies

Last night’s presentations went really well. Mine was kind of an unintentional performance art/social experiment. I invited the people in the room to live-tweet during my talk, which was basically just “the story of my life in creative tech”.

Here’s the audio. I’d suggest playing it while looking at the tweets here to get the most accurate representation of the talk.

Video credit - Baku Gif of Alex presenting

Everyone else did really well. We all survived.

A lot of great people came, about 40 or 50 of them. Our little room was filled, and spilled over into the next room.

Photo credit - Lauren Gardner The room of smart, nice, cool people

The NYC arts and tech scene is really kinda special. So many nice, smart, cool, accomplished people. I got to chat with some SFPC alums and former SFPC teachers and they were all positive and supportive in conversation about my questions about how best to use my time at the school.

I left after the presentations. The tension of the day - the nervous excitement of everyone getting ready(and then the presentations themselves) - left me drained. Time to reflect. I biked home in the cool night, glad to have good weather for the time being.


New place in Bed Stuy:

Our Airbnb's Floor

Biked to SFPC today. Brooklyn bridge. Pretty chill ride, without incident. I even managed to resist stopping off to spend money on food - a constant challenge here. Go me.

On arriving to SFPC:

Bike at SFPC

Had a nice talk with Lauren in the early afternoon about the practice of archiving one’s own and one’s family’s digital media.

Today, I’m going to start working on a project. I have some ideas but which one to pursue? Currently, I’m interested in heartbeats, social good, and automating media production.

I also need to set aside 2-3 hours a day to get some reading done.

Food Report

For Lunch: BBQ rotisserie chicken and fries. I put a hunk of butter on top before putting it in the convection over. Found some Stubb’s bbq sauce in the fridge. It was guuuuuuud.

For Dinner: Maybe rice and beans and more chicken.

Written on October 21, 2016