SFPC: Day 32 - Back to School

Secret iPhone emoticons, guest pupper haiku, informal group critique.

Also, Leonard Cohen died. Rest in peace, rest in power.

Today was my actual first day of school this week, since Monday class was cancelled and I worked a shoot on Wednesday.

It was a damn fine day. Finished the edit, met a friend for greasy spoon diner, hung out on the Hudson, and then we had an informal group critique.

After that, a few of us hung out at SFPC, drinking and listening to Leonard Cohen, rest his soul.


My stoop. I like stoops, like ‘em lots.


In the morning, took an uber pool to SFPC to meet Cecile. The car ride was slow because the driver had to pick up multiple passengers. Would’ve been faster to take the train but I was too tired walk the 10 blocks to the train and then the 10 blocks to SFPC. I got there at 9:30am and Cecile and I went inside the building.

Around 11am, we finished the edit and sent it to Arté, the TV channel.

Video editing

Secret iPhone Emoticons

During an editing break, classmate Baku showed me, as well as Cecile and Agustin, how to activate the secret emoticon keyboard on the iPhone.

Check it out:


To activate:

  • Simply go to Settings and enable the Japanese keyboard(Kana).
  • Open any text field and use the little world symbol to switch to the Japanese keyboard.
  • Touch the character nearest the microphone symbol. Done! You should see emoticons like the picture above. You can use the ‘^’ character at the top right to show you the emoticons full-screen.

Because of our conversation today, I am inspired to further pursue my film project idea about emoji culture.

Diners, Datamoshing, and Pupper Haiku

Cecile left around noon and I worked until 2pm, when I met my friend Jo outside to go get lunch. We walked a few blocks to an old diner named La Bonbonierre. Fancy name, but definitely not a fancy place.

I had a bowl of chili and a coke. Jo had a chicken club.

After lunch, we walked to one of the pier parks on the Hudson. Weather was kind of a mix of sunny, cold, and windy. Saw many doggos.

Here’s a picture at dusk, from when we were leaving.

Hudson sunset

Guest Pupper Haikus by Jo

Back at SFPC, I asked Jo to contribute something to my blog. In short order, she wrote five haiku about all of the dogs we saw on our walk to lunch, the park, and then back. Pics of two of the pups below.

She was even nice enough to let me record her speaking the poem.

Pupper Haiku by Jo

Listen here.

Good rounded pupper Cannonball walk joyful face Old spotty stoic

Two brother puppers No tails to indicate mood Did not pat for fear

Baby puppers soft coats Tried to pat owner annoyed Bad human to puppers

Skinny black pupper Quilted fancy coat too small Sad cold floppy ears

Group pupper rating About Fourteen out of ten I needed more pats

Here are some of the puppers in question.

Short round pupper

Fun Game: See if you can match both puppers to their respective stanza!

Informal Group Critique

Not much later it was 7pm, time for the scheduled group critique.

You can listen here.

Each of the students was allowed to present project ideas to receive feedback from the fellow students and alums present.

It was a really meaningful, good, sad time(all of those things). Lauren opened the proceedings talking about Trump’s election, and all of the bad feelings associated with that, and the importance of taking care of ourselves and each other.

About halfway through the gathering, we learned that Leonard Cohen has died at 82. I’d never really listened to his music, but I’m sad that he’s gone. Another legendary performer and songwriter gone this year.

We got through the rest of the critique. So many neat project ideas. I don’t have the time or space to do them justice here. I plan to document my fellow students work in these upcoming weeks. Just need to carve out the time.

After the event, a few of us stayed at SFPC, drank wine, and listened to Leonard Cohen’s music.

For Lunch:

A bowl of chili and a side of fries at La Bonbonierre, one of the last surviving West Village diners.

For Dinner:

Late night bowl of rice, beans, poached egg, and guacamole(sorry, Ruby!), made in the SFPC kitchen.

Written on November 9, 2016