SFPC: Day 54 - Poughkeepsie

Had our seventh class with Ramsey. Then picked up a sweet car in Hoboken, and drove up to Poughkeepsie for a nice weekend.

Vending machine


In the morning:

Forever Bed Stuy

Vending machine

Clothes and Shoes, on 8th Ave.

Vending machine

Had to take the path over to Hoboken(no jokin’), to pick up our car from Turo, which is a car-sharing app. It was wayyy cheaper than Zipcar, if less convenient. But Zipcar was twice as much, and we got a Lexus(niiiice)!

Vending machine

Port Authority propaganda

Vending machine

I met Joanna, who was the wife of the man renting us the car, at Carlo’s Bakery(my choice), which is famous as the bakery from the reality TV show Cake Boss. I bought some sweet treats for later.

Vending machine

The car

Vending machine

Then I picked up my sweetheart (in Ridgewood, Queens), and away we did ride.

We got to our Airbnb in Poughkeepsie at around 10pm(I don’t like night driving), had a bottle of white wine, and went to bed.

For Lunch:

Two-day old hamburger hero I’d saved from the deli.

For Dinner:

Chicken quesadillas and mashed potatoes at a barbecue place in Scrub Oak, NY. And a Stella. She had a hot dog.

Written on December 3, 2016