SFPC: Day 61 - Putting Up the Project

Had a short class with Ramsey and said thanks and goodbye as students. Began to put up my final project in the hallway - the project being a printed version of a good chunk of my blog.

Ramsey's Class

Really enjoyed Ramsey’s class this 10 weeks. He’s a great teacher, intensely knowledgable but equally patient. I’d like to know more about his teaching philosophy. How and where does he get the energy and fire to communicate his ideas about computation? Where does he get the patience?

I hope to remember to ask him someday.

D'Ag Has Ramen

It wasn’t great. It wasn’t terrible. I had it for lunch.

DAG Ramn


My friend Britney came by to hang out at around 4pm. It was real good to see her - it always is. I know her from doing improv comedy in Dallas in 2014-2015. We went to a Mexican restaurant down the block and got enchiladas and beer. The enchiladas were alright but not up to our Texan standards. Still, we had a good meal and made plans to possible drive back up to NYC together.

Putting Up the Project

Thank god Britney showed up to hang out and ended up helping me put up the majority of the piece. God bless her. I should’ve bought her dinner.

Here’s mid-way through posting the installation.



Hitting a Wall

I wanted to extend the installation around to the other wall and over the bathroom doors to complete the timeline. Taeyoon and Lauren would not let me. I was okay with them saying no, but I really felt that they weren’t interested in my project or what I wanted to do. They seemed more interested in how it would make the school appear. I felt like this was misguided, maybe unfair, but I also was able to let it go pretty easily.

Lauren has been a real taskmaster in curating this exhibition. I was irritated when she took my extension cord that I’d spent 10-15 minutes rigging up and she didn’t replace it. I was irritated yesterday when she was really pushing me to paint the space where my installation was installed(I didn’t want to). I was irritated when her and Taeyoon shut down my idea to extend my installation.

Lauren wanted me to install a shelf but I eventual ran out of energy and just made a shitty sign and put some print out on a chair because I was completely out of give-a-f***.

The Hardest Day

Agustin and I walked the ten blocks to the A/C at 14th st. and eventually made it home. I fell asleep in all of my clothes in a chair in the living room and then woke up and changed a couple hours later.

For Breakfast:

Eggs, sausage and toast at The Bust Stop Cafe. Caught up on some much needed journaling and got a solid solo breakfast in.

Bus Stop brekky

For Lunch:

Mexican food at a place down the street from SFPC. Good to catch up with my Dallas/improv friend Britney.

For Dinner:


Written on December 10, 2016