SFPC: Day 63 - Showcase, Day Two

Today was the second day of our final showcase.


The first part of the day, told in photos.

In the morning, at Beny’s Delicatessen.

Sick of the C

Lil’ church Sunday School trailer in Bed Stuy.

Sunday Schoo Trailer

Sunday Schoo Trailer

Sunday Schoo Trailer

View from my train station, 9th St.-Smith Ave., of Gowanus Canal.

Gowanus Canal

Pano of G train.

Gowanus Canal

Gowanus Canal

And for the second part of the day, here’s a list.

  • Came into SFPC at 2p.
  • Talked to some people. My friend Jo showed up. Good to see her.


It started snowing after she left at 4pm.

  • A couple more photos from Showcase: Day Two.



  • I started to get tired and left SFPC around 7p.

In Brooklyn, on the walk home.

Gowanus Canal

  • Got home. Bryan came over from Bushwick and we had some beers. We got some food at Peaches Hothouse, a southern-style restaurant on Tompkins. It took an hour to get our food, but hey, that’s New York sometimes. The food did taste good.
  • Later, at the house, Bryan, Dannie, and I talked and kvetched about our experiences at SFPC. We all agreed the scheduling could’ve been a lot better, and that we would’ve liked it if Taeyoon and Lauren were more present during the 10 weeks.

We have a feedback session on Friday before our potluck. I don’t know how outspoken I’ll be at that. I find it a lot easier to express my thoughts here.


To be honest, I have a lot of my own criticisms about the school. I think I will feel more fond about the experience with time.

Despite that, I do love the school, but not because it delivered the experience or experiences I was expecting. I love the school, in my way, because it was sort of a sorcerer’s stone that transmuted energy and curiosity into new ideas, friendships, and transformative experiences(albeit haphazardly and painfully so, but I must be careful not to conflate my experience of the school with my experience of New York - I do find it nearly impossible to separate the two).

I feel a lot more like myself than I did when I got here. SFPC wasn’t everything I needed but it was a lot of what I needed for the short period of 10 weeks.

And if I hadn’t said this before, I’m glad it’s pretty much over. I am exhausted. I’ve taken on a lot in my time at the school.

On some level, I do understand how hard it is to run an alternative art school. It takes a lot of administrative work and physical labor, a lot of leadership and consensus with the other people involved in the school. I’m sure operating an experimental school takes A LOT of energy, emotional and otherwise.

I’m tired. I’ve been tired, and tired at school, for the past 2-3 weeks. However, I probably shouldn’t put that all on the school.

I hope I’m being fair.

For Breakfast:

Maybe a cigarette and some green tea?

For Lunch:

Ruby gave me some of her curry soup from Green Apron. She is an angel. I was starving.

For Dinner:

Fried green tomatoes bacon cheeseburger at Peaches Hothouse. It took an hour to get our food. Food was tasty but do not recommend.

Written on December 12, 2016