SFPC: Day 53 - Eyebeam Internship, Sleep No More

Had breakfast in Bushwick with my cousin, Helen. Eyebeam internship, and then - Sleep No More!

Never waste a nice day


Met my cousin Helen at Ange Noir, a French bagel and crepe place in Bushwick. When I lived here back in 2012-2013, I used to go there a lot to write. First time I’ve been back since then.

Hipster vending machine in Bushiwick, near the Morgan stop

Vending machine

Googly-eyed subway movie poster

Googly eyes

Googly eyes

Then I had to go to SFPC to grab some hard drives. A quick ride on the L train.

Puppet workshop in Greenwich Village




Eyebeam Internship

Solved a tech problem for Morehshin and Daniel Rourke.

Worked on video things. Left from Eyebeam, got tacos from Ines Bakery, and hopped on the train headed for Chelsea, devouring the tacos like the hungerbeasts that we were.

Sleep No More

Pictures were not allowed the immersive, multi-story, theatrical performance known as Sleep No More.

I’ve seen stuff like this before but never on this scale. I think there are seven floors and we only made it to four?

My favorite part of the night? At any time you can leave the performance space and go to a really adorable 30’s style bar. I was content sipping smokey Lafroy whiskey and listening to a really great jazz trio led by a singer named Stella Sinclair. I couldn’t tell you how much time passed sitting there, entwined, sipping, talking.

We danced a little and then it was time to go home.

For Dinner:

Pork tacos from Ines that we ate on the train on the way to Sleep No More.

Written on December 2, 2016