SFPC: Day 46 - Thanksgiving in Albany

Thanksgiving day: a photo essay.



We arrived at Nona’s, my grandmother’s at about noon. We ate bagels, lots of bagels, at a leisurely pace.

At around 4pm, dinner was served. So much food.

We played cards after a late breakfast. Our game ended when it was time to start setting the table for Thanksgiving dinner.


Some of the food waiting to be served.


Family hanging in the living room.

living room

My sister


My nona and my Aunt Judy.

nona and judy

Cousin Christian and Aunt Cami pre-Thanksgiving meal

christian and aunt cami

living room

Christian took a shot of my hair, and then of me.

my hair


Dad close-up. Either Christian or I took this picture.

dad close up

Aunt Cami cooking.

cami cooking

After dinner, I played guitar, which I don’t do very much. Happy to have an audience.

me guitar

Me and cousin Camille being goobers.

me and camille

We came back home around 11pm. All of us in the house slept well.


Bagels and green tea.

For Lunch:

Thanksgiving! At around 4pm. Turkey, glazed yams, butter rolls, all that good stuff. And then pie, pie, pie.

For Dinner:

Thanksgiving was a two to three hour sit-down affair, and then we continued noshing as desired through the rest of the night.

Written on November 24, 2016