SFPC: Day 60 - A Wild Project Appears

Met Taeyoon for coffee this afternoon. We had a really good talk, resulting in a feasible idea for a final project.


I Saw This Pupper at 1:24 PM

He was anxious. Relateable.

Coffee With Taeyoon

We met at school at 2pm and left soon after to a small, simple coffee shop a few blocks from SFPC.

He asked me if I was doing alright. I said, ‘yeah’ and then proceeded to spill that beans about what’s been going on in my personal life.

After all of that, we talked about this blog and ideas for a final project. He suggested that I didn’t actually need to print a book like I was originally intending and that maybe there was a simpler way to print out the blog.

There’s a 12 ft by 5 ft corkboard wall in the hallway entrance to SFPC, which seemed perfect. I suggested that space to him and he was receptive to the idea.

So now I have a final project, I guess. Seems doable.

For Breakfast:

Don’t think I had breakfast.

For Lunch:

Frankel’s pastrami sandwich, reuben-style, latkes, and a Dr. Brown’s cherry soda.

For Dinner:

Late lunch(like 7pm late lunch). Frankel’s again. Just happened to be near where my friend from Dallas, Emily, was having a get together at Spritzenhaus. I met my friend Jo and she bought dinner and shared it. It was my lunch though.

Frankel’s pastrami sandwich, reuben-style, latkes, and a glass bottle coke that I dropped and broke halfway through the meal. I raced to a Polish grocery store and replaced it in short order.

For Second Dinner:

Ate my original Frankel’s leftovers when I got home around midnight. Frankel’s trifecta.

Written on December 9, 2016