SFPC: Day 44 - Freelance Blues

Tuesday. A day to catch up on work stuff. My sister and her boyfriend visited the space. Getting ready to go upstate to visit family for Thanksgiving. Should be real nice.



No pictures today. No stories today. Just spent most of the day working on client work. Kind of a lost day.


Freelance work is taking over my life. I feel like I’m not participating in school, really at all, right now. Been like that for the past week, at least.

I think I’m gonna have to put a halt on freelance stuff for these next three weeks.


Poached egg on avo toast.

For Lunch:

A chicken burrito from Ines Bakery. It was a week old. I probably should not have eaten it.

For Dinner:

Had nachos and mozzarella at Bus Stop Cafe with sister and her boyfriend. Beef stew.

Written on November 23, 2016