SFPC: Day 14 - Two Weeks In

Busy busy! Sunny and windy on a Sunday afternoon.

My day, in photos, thus far:

Outside our apartment

Outside our apartment

On the way to the train to go to Chinatown for Dim Sum, we found some mannequin legs in the trash.

Mannequin Legs

The storefront location of Decolonize This Place.

Decolonize This Place

Dim Sum took too long, so I bounced just as our number was called. I was full from eating two smaller breakfasts earlier. In Chinatown:

Beautiful Memory Desserts

Walking through Soho, back to SFPC. Here’s some sound of my walk to accompany these photos.

Feet Walking GIF

Sixth Ave., walking back to SFPC.

Sixth Ave., walking back.

Eight Ave., walking back.

Eight Ave., walking back

And hopefully if I have time today, I can take a peek at this online class .

Python, Data, and Machine Learning Class

For Lunch: In Chinatown, pork bun and pumpkin bun and a Yoohoo!(too sweet - could only drink half).

For Dinner: Making teriyaki chicken and mashed potatoes tonight!

Written on October 23, 2016