SFPC: Day 28 - The Internet Yami Ichi

The Internet Yami Ichi was everything I could’ve dreamed and more. Spent all day taking pictures and shooting video, and went to a great taco place in Bushwick for lunch.

Me at the Yami Ichi

Alex Yami Ichi gif Alex Yami Ichi gif 2

Photos from the Yami Ichi

This will be a picture-heavy post. I’ll update as I edit more pictures and things.

The Day

This morning, biked from Bed Stuy to Knockdown Center in Ridgewood, Queens, where the Yami Ichi is being held.

Sign Sign

Saw lots of friends at the Yami Ichi! Classmates Jason and Hiroshi had tables, Baku was helping a friend with the Password Confession Booth. ITP Camp friends Zoe Bachman, Sam, and Song Hia all each had their own table.

Classmates Agustin, Jason, and Bryan calmly wait for me to take a decent picture(portraits aren’t my strong suit)


Scenes from the Yami Ichi

Kids Tofu

Jason portrait

Happy 3 shot

I gave data hat

NSA baseball tee

ethernet dreamcatcher

emoji prints

clay sculpture

setting up a booth

radio broadcast

radio broadcast

Breaktime/Lunchtime/Get Lost-time

At around 3pm, a friend and I went on an apocalyptic fool’s errand to find cigarettes in the industrial-dystopian area we were in. We walked for about a mile looking for a corner store, eventually ending up in a factory-street dead end. We got pretty lost.

Lo and behold, we pursued one of these dead ends and at the end of the street, we found a railway bridge and were able to cross back over into civilization, AKA Bushwick.

From the bridge

On the bridge

We found a bodega and bought smokes, ate at a fantastic and cheap authentic Mexican taco place, and then ubered back to Knockdown to catch the tail end of the Yami Ichi.

I shot short interviews with a bunch of vendors. I should have a video done in a week.

Suffice to say - I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT YAMI ICHI!!#@!$!

It was a blast. So much good energy. So much happy, internet-loving fine folks. It was everything I could’ve hoped for.

Radical Networks Dance Party

At around 7, I biked back to Radical Networks. I was hungry so I went to a gyro place and sat down - had THE BEST chicken gyro I’ve ever had, I think.

There was an end-of-conference dance party at Radical Networks, with maybe 15 or so people dancing at peak-dance party. Still fun.

I agree with Rad Netz co-founder Sarah Grant - a dance party at a conference about DIY networking technology is a no-brainer. After a long day of trying to save democracy and fighting for internet privacy, people need to dance. For real.

It’s also a great way to warm up before biking home.

Someone’s dog having a fight with the smoke machine

Dog fighting smoke machine

I left at 10 to get ready for class on Monday. Biked home without incident.

For Lunch:

Tacos. From Los Hermanos. Tacos autenticos - reminds me of home. Cheap and real, real good.

For Dinner:

Chicken Gyro.

Written on November 7, 2016